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Top Korean Movies 2022



Top Korean Movies 2022 – Korean movie fans have a lot to look forward to in 2022. As streamers like Netflix continue to invest in South Korean content, and as cast projects gain ground in the US, new Korean films are coming to our screens, from sweet romantic comedies to gripping spy movies to heartbreaking dramas.

Top Korean Movies 2022

Top Korean Movies 2022

In addition to new releases, we will also tell you about those films that are definitely worth watching for all fans of Korean cinema. If you do not have enough emotions from the cinema – you can bet on sports in the best sportsbook in Uganda platform. Here you will find a large number of entertainment for every taste.

Love and Leashes
Two idol actors (Girls’ Generation’s Seohin and U-KISS’s Lee Joon Young) star in this romantic comedy series about two colleagues pursuing a BDSM partnership. Ji-Woo falls in love with new colleague Ji-Hu when she accidentally receives his package containing a man-sized dog collar. Instead of going crazy, she gets into BDSM and Ji-hoo asks her to enter into a dominance/submission relationship. Will the couple stick to BDSM or take their relationship to the romantic level?

Train to Busan
“Train to Busan” was the answer to the Hollywood production line for the production of zombie horror. The film is about a father and daughter who are on a train to see their mother when a zombie apocalypse suddenly begins around them. It does not offer anything new, but cleverly combines proven genre techniques and moves into something unique in Korean. Captivating is the strong play of little-known (for the domestic audience) actors and a really strong plot. The characters are well written and you can trust and empathize with everyone.

There is no place for the usual screamers and other boring tricks from American horror films, but the amazing camera work and editing create such dynamics that the atmosphere of tension literally envelops the viewer and charges with adrenaline. A cool movie about zombies is a rare beast in our time, so we strongly recommend it to fans of the genre.

Man from nowhere
“Man from Nowhere” is considered by many to be one of the best action games of the 2000s and the Asian version of “Leon”. But if we agree with the first statement, then the film does not have much in common with Besson’s classics. This is the story of the protagonist who is trying to save the girl next door from the hands of bandits. The story of the girl herself, who is trying to survive. And the story of the police who are investigating a complicated case of murder and drugs. All three branches are combined into a tangled ball, from which it is impossible to break away until the last frame.

And if Hollywood films usually serve characters head-on, then Koreans like to play with paradoxicality – here is a boring pawnshop owner, and here is his unremarkable neighbor who moonlights in a bar – what can happen? But event X happens, followed by two hours of furious action, during which the portraits of the heroes are revealed with thin strokes.

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Taxi driver
The ranking of the best Korean films continues with a historical drama based on real events. A military coup in 1979 led to bloody consequences: the shooting of a student demonstration in the city of Gwangju and an uprising of local residents. To pacify the discontented people, the new president introduces the national guard into the town, hastily assembled from militant athletes. For the rest of the world, the situation is shrouded in darkness, but a German reporter who happened to be in Korea intends to break into the cordoned-off city and film the lawlessness on camera. A simple taxi driver will help him with this since the morning did not suspect what mission would fall on his head.

This is a very solid dramatic story that will appeal to everyone who loves good and proper cinema. In addition, it is impossible not to note the work of decorators – the life of South Korea forty years ago is recreated here with all love and care, there is no such monument of the era anymore.

38th parallel
The history of the Korean War is an extremely controversial topic, which each participant in the conflict presents in his own way. All the more valuable is this tape, which shows not the triumphantly marching army of South Korea, but poorly armed youngsters, called upon to play the role of cannon fodder in a bloody conflict. A lot of anti-militarist films have been shot in the West, but they still broadcast the classic slogans on the topic “we don’t abandon our own” and “our cause is just”, but here, for the entire 140 minutes of running time, the feeling that war is a matter of the highest degree senseless does not leave.

If there is a hell on Earth, then it is definitely located where the representatives of a single people yesterday exterminate each other with frenzy. Kang Jae-gyu, who managed to get his hand in the demonstration of bloody action in Shiri, received a large budget by Korean standards here and took advantage of it to the fullest – blockbusters about the war from Hollywood look extremely faded against the background of this masterpiece.

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