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Fresh Cookie Lab Is Pioneering Nigeria’s Sexual Wellness Industry



Everyone is curious about sexual wellness but nobody speaks of it to even their closest friends. Sexual wellness goes beyond knowing what contraceptives to take or how to prevent oneself from sexually transmitted diseases. Sexual wellness is also about deriving pleasure from physical acts. However, there is a stigma  on sexual awareness that makes people to shy away from the topic and label those that broach it as shameless whores.

Fresh Cookie Lab Is Pioneering Nigeria's Sexual Wellness Industry 16

Ifediba Oluchi Anne, an entrepreneur into sexual wellness and feminine health, has been disparaged for her comments on sexual awareness.

The young sexual advocate, in a recent chat, explained that when she told the public about her numerous sexual exploits, the internet shut down with many calling her unprintable names.


“I was not fazed by the hurtful remarks I got from even family and friends but it disturbed me to know that sexual awareness was a taboo especially among educated members of the public. I intend to do all I can to change that perception and educate more females about the importance of their sexual health.”


Oluchi‘s focus may be on young females but she believes that boys could learn a lot about sexual health too. If everyone has sexual awareness, the depravity of this pleasurable act will reduce. Males will realize that females are also entitled to receiving pleasure. Vaginal health is a vital aspect of Female health and Oluchi, a Yoni Steam Facilitator and a Women’s Health & Hormone Coach, understands that vaginal health issues can be problematic if not tackled effectively.


The Nigerian society may not be against sexual awareness but they do not do much to encourage the education and acceptance of sexual health.


According to Dr Kemi Adeniran, a sexual health practitioner, more females deserve to be sexually aware as it is females who are more likely to end up with sexually transmitted infections during coitus.

Fresh Cookie Lab Is Pioneering Nigeria's Sexual Wellness Industry 17

“There is a dearth in the number of individuals preaching sexual awareness and the few persons who do so can be shunned by society.”


Oluchi Anne posited that when Nigerians understand the importance of sexual well-being and know that sexual health is equally important then there will be less ostracizing of females who want to improve their sexual well-being.


In 2020 Oluchi Anne started her brand, Fresh Cookie Lab, to cater to women concerned about improving vaginal health and their overall hygiene. The company had successfully catered to more than 5000 women across the country.

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