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BNXN (Buju) To Face Charges For Spitting On Officer



The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Lagos State Command of the Nigerian Police has stood up against the singer, BNXN (Buju) for spitting on an officer of the law.


The police spokesman aggressively expressed in his statement by saying, the force will take it up with the singer for “assaulting” an officer of the law.

The Lagos State Police Command spokesperson in the person of Ben Hundeyin made this announcement regards to the reported assault act by Daniel Benson, aka BNXN (Buju).

However, in a currently-deleted Twitter tweet, BNXN (Buju) had openly acknowledged the accused act, when he stated;

Spat in a police officer’s face and it felt so good. I let you in my car and you dragged and tear my shirt, and start slapping me? (Sic) Nah, everybody must stop!”

BNXN (Buju) To Face Charges For Spitting On Officer 14

However, the police PRO in replying to BNXN (Buju) post, assured him of facing the law for his actions and also assures the police officers involved in the act will be sanctioned for their misbehavior.

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