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‘If Peter Obi wins and changes the country, better for us’ – Femi Kuti



In a tweet shared via his Twitter page on Friday, August 12, 2022, the singer debunked the reports, insisting that he only said he is too angry to be called an ‘obidient’ – an alias given to supporters of the presidential hopeful.

“You are such liars. Of what benefit is it to the people when you take my words out of context like this? I said I’m too angry at my age to be obedient. Expressing I do not like the ‘term’ But if Peter Obi wins and actually changes the country better for all of us,” he tweeted.

Since the presidential campaign season began, many celebrities have openly picked sides.

For some, they have pitched their tents with Obi who has become very popular among young electorates.

One celebrity who has been quite vocal about the upcoming elections is Okey Bakassi.

“Fixing Nigeria is more important to me now than any money any politician has to offer. If Nigeria becomes safe and economically stable, people like me will make money from safely using our talent across the country…like we used to. #letsfixNigeria,” he tweeted.

Bakassi also disclosed that he won’t be paying attention to trolls on social media who have been dragging him over his political stance.

The comedian has never hidden his dissatisfaction with the style and manner the current administration has managed the affairs of the nation.

In July, Bakassi said his love for the country was pure until Buhari happened.

“I lost my “virginity” under Buhari’s administration…yes!…my love for Nigerian was pure and unbroken until Buhari happened to us in 2015. I can’t recognise my beloved country anymore,” he tweeted.

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