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DaBaby Shares His Encounter With A Nigerian Who Almost Decked Him and Airport Officials



American rapper, DaBaby is trending on social media for different reasons.

The Rapper hopped on Instagram to share how he went through hell to get a last minute flight back to the U.S. Recall that Davido sent his Private Jet to get DaBaby to Nigeria for their fun and highly anticipated music video.

The fun and exciting shoot is over and DaBaby had to go to back to the States for business. He made a video of him in the plane and lamented about how he had to spend a lot of money just to board the flight.

This revelation wasn’t surprisingly enough to distract Nigerians form the fact that a passenger almost decked him on the plane. DaBaby unintentionally recorded a not so happy Nigerian while he was getting a shot of his assistant on the plane.

When he noticed the passenger wasn’t pleased, he immediately apologized and stopped his recording. He then made another video and explained what happened. According to him, he mistook him as one of his die hard fans, but he meant no disrespect

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