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Nayomi -“Sorry” Feat Lil Tush



Capping off a year filled with public apologies, “Sorry” is an upbeat anthem about asking for forgiveness as songstress Nayomi of Etelernse Records recruit a Nigerian Afro beat titan Lil Tush
“Sorry” is a feel good track that discusses about Nayomi‘s long ago relationship.
This song sees the queen of Etelernse Records Nayomi,  addressing a boy she refuse to date back in the day. A boy who gave her his all and all and she knew but she didn’t let him have it.
Since blowing up and as time pass, she wants to rekindle their romance because she felt she should have given him a chance but the boy isn’t having any of it anymore.
She said on an exclusive interview with Etelernse media that he had me all over, cared for me and loved me and I knew all this each time I’m in Trouble or when ever he comes around me but I was young, in fact we both were young.
Nayomi -"Sorry" Feat Lil Tush 13
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