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Portable Part Ways With Kogbagidi, Shares Shocking Revelation About The Promoter



Fast-rising street artist, Portable is addressing issues between himself and his sponsor/manager, Kogbagidi.

In a chat with Jahbless, Portable opened up about his split from Kogbagidi. Portable made it known that he is no longer in business with Kogbagidi and in his words “Kogbagidi always dey f**k up”.

He recounted times he told his ex-manager that he isn’t cool with his business strategies, but Kogbagidi will ignore him and do things his own way.

Portable revealed that before he called Poco Lee out for stealing the money Wizkid sprayed him, he told Kogabadi, but Kogbagidi ignored him until he disgraced Poco Lee on IG.


He averred that Kogbagidi is greedy and is hiding under the umbrella of “I Made You”. Portable also disclosed that when he had issues with Kogbagidi, Danko and Olamide were the ones who settled them and advised him to stop fighting the big names in the industry to avoid his career ending before it began

Portable admitted that at first, he was scared and it forced him to apologize, but now he won’t discomfort himself to please the likes of Kogbagidi and Poco Lee.

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