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Man Who Acquires Wizkid’s Sweater At His Concert Set To Sell It For #850,000



A Twitter user Identified as Chocolate Daddy took to the app this morning to announce that he will be selling Wizkid’s sweater he got at the concert.

His transaction shouldn’t have gotten attention, but it did after he shared the price he will be selling the sweater for.

According to the man, he bought the sweater for $500 and he will be selling it for $1500 that is #850,000. He plans on making a 200% profit from the sale.

This is not the first time a fan will come in close contact with Wizkid’s personal belongings, remember the story of the fans who fought over his jacket and ended up splitting it into three parts because they couldn’t leave the precious jacket for the other person.

Netizens wasted no time in relating the two stories and ended up with a theory that Chocolate Daddy never bought a sweater and he is only trying to scam Wizkid die-hard fans.


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