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Netflix Adding 28 Holiday Releases From November Until Christmas



Netflix Adding 28 Holiday Releases From November Until Christmas 1

Netflix has announced that they will be releasing 28 holiday projects between November and Christmas Day. In recent years, Netflix has been tackling the Hallmark game, producing low-budget holiday content at ever-increasing rates. This approach has largely been a success for Netflix. Several of their longest-running film franchises fall under the holiday banner, even though some argue that the streamer copying the Hallmark model adds to the glut of “bad” Christmas movies.

The Netflix holiday glut can be traced back to the success of 2017’s A Christmas Prince, a film about an undercover reporter falling in love with the prince of a fictional European country. The film has spawned two sequels, and the characters have appeared in other Netflix Christmas films. The film itself even had a cameo when Vanessa Hudgens and her beau watched it in The Princess Switch, another popular holiday franchise that is expecting its third film this year. In addition to playing a variety of identical doppelgangers in that series, star Vanessa Hudgens has also appeared in the Netflix film, The Knight Before Christmas, making her a mainstay of seasonal streaming.


The Princess Switch 3 is indeed included among the huge drop of date announcements that Netflix made today. They have announced an unprecedented slate of 28 features including new films and series from 11 different countries, along with older titles new to the platform. The big-ticket films coming this holiday season include Love Hard (November 5), a catfishing rom-com starring Nina Dobrev and Darren Barnet, The Princess Switch 3 (November 18), which sees the 3 Vanessa Hudgens doppelgangers uniting to retrieve a stolen relic, A Castle for Christmas (November 26), which sees romance blossom between Brooke Shields and Cary Elwes in a Scottish castle, Single All the Way (December 2), an LGBTQ+ romance starring Michael Urie, Philemon Chambers, and Luke McFarlane (a Hallmark Christmas movie staple who is also set to appear in the LGBTQ+ rom-com, Bros next year), and A California Christmas: City Lights (December 16), a sequel to last year’s A California Christmas about a farmer and a businessman’s tumultuous love.

Vanessa Hudgens in The Princess Switch

On the TV front is the new series, School of Chocolate (November 26), a competition hosted by famed chocolatier, Amaury Guichon. There will also be special Christmas entries for the glassblowing competition series, Blown Away (November 19), and the ever-popular Great British Baking Show (December 3). For families looking for holiday fun, Netflix is dropping Waffles + Mochi’s Holiday Feast (November 23), Charlie’s Colorforms City: Snowy Stories (November 30), Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas (December 3), and StarBeam: Beaming in the New Year (December 14).

The international drops will include the Dutch-Belgian film, The Claus Family (November 1), U.K. films, Father Christmas is Back (November 7) and Robin Robin (November 24), the French series, Christmas Flow (November 17), and the Danish holiday horror series, Elves (November 28). In December, Netflix will also be dropping the Polish film, David and the Elves (December 6), the Mexican film, Grumpy Christmas (December 22), and the Spanish film, 1000 Miles from Christmas (December 24). Also coming at an unspecified date in December are the Nigerian film, A Naija Christmas, and the second season of the South African series, How to Ruin Christmas. Older holiday titles that will be joining the selection this season include An Elf’s StoryElf Pets: Santa’s St. Bernards Save Christmas, and My Dad’s Christmas Date on November 1, Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You on November 14, and Snowbound for Christmas on November 15.

Netflix has constantly sought to outdo themselves every holiday season, and this year they’re poised to do the same. The diversity of this collection in terms of genres, audiences, and countries of origin is certainly something to be admired. Although Netflix’s Christmas movies aren’t always the most realistic, they do bring joy to a lot of viewers throughout the holiday season, and this slate certainly has some promising-looking titles.

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Zodiac Killer Real Identity Finally Revealed Investigators Say [Updated]



Zodiac Killer Real Identity Finally Revealed Investigators Say [Updated] 2

Update (Oct. 6): According to a report from The Wrap, FBI and police in California have now disputed reports from investigators claiming that the Zodiac Killer’s identity has been revealed. New reports say the case remains open.

The real identity of the infamous Zodiac Killer has been revealed, according to investigators researching the case. The Zodiac Killer is one of the most well-known serial killers of all time, having committed at least five unsolved murders in the San Francisco Bay area between 1968-1969. One of the things that kept the murderer in the headlines, besides never being caught, was his string of letters, cards and notes sent to the police to taunt them, many of which contained cryptograms, or ciphers.

The cryptic messages have baffled investigators for decades since, with multiple theories and suspects being named throughout that time, but nothing definitive ever sticking. The Zodiac case has spawned a number of documentaries, films, and books over the years, all of them attempting to shine a light on who the real killer may be/have been in an effort to solve the case once and for all. One of the most recent documentary series on the case was FX’s The Most Dangerous Animal of All, which focused on a man who believed his father was the real Zodiac Killer.


Today, TMZ (via Fox News) revealed an investigative team called “The Case Breakers,” a group of more than 40 former law enforcement investigators, journalists and military intelligence officers, announced that they have cracked the case, naming Gary Francis Poste as the true Zodiac Killer. The team spent years researching the case, examining new forensic evidence and photos from Poste’s darkroom, which have linked him to the murders. From photographs that match police sketches, to boots worn at a crime scene, and codes broken on letters that revealed Poste’s name, investigators have dug through a trove of evidence to link Poste to the crimes. One of the lead investigators said that finding Poste’s name was the key to unraveling the case, saying, “So you’ve got to know Gary’s full name in order to decipher these anagrams. I just don’t think there’s any other way anybody would have figured it out.”

zodiac robert downey jr jack

Poste was a former Air Force Veteran who worked as a painter for decades prior to his death in 2018. He was known to own firearms and acted as a father figure to young men in his life, including his own son’s friends. Little else has been revealed about Poste, as the investigation is still unraveling, but expect more details as it develops. To date, the most famous exploration of the case in pop culture was David Fincher’s film, Zodiac, which left audiences with the name Arthur Leigh Allen as the prime suspect, while also entertaining other options. The film starred Robert Downey Jr. as journalist Paul Avery and Jake Gyllenhaal as Robert Graysmith, a cartoonist for the San Francisco Chronicle who became obsessed with cracking the Zodiac case.

As technology and forensic science continue to advance, it’s no surprise that unsolved mysteries are finally being cracked. The Zodiac Killer has haunted investigators and amateur sleuths for decades, and this is a big step in putting the case to rest, allowing these same advances to focus on other unsolved murders and mysteries. For the victims and their families, these types of revelations are likely bittersweet, but also help to bring some closure to their loss and allow them to move on.

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No Time To Die Star Didn’t Expect Craig’s Bond To Return After Spectre



No Time To Die Star Didn’t Expect Craig’s Bond To Return After Spectre 3

No Time to Die star Léa Seydoux didn’t expect Daniel Craig to return after Spectre. After many doubts about his return and delays to the film due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Craig returns for his fifth and final James Bond film releasing in theaters this Friday, October 8. Reviews for No Time to Die are praising the film for everything audiences have come to expect from Eon’s long-running franchise: exciting chases, explosions, and stunts. However, Craig’s swan song strikes more of an emotional chord than his previous outings as Bond.

Along with Craig, actors also reprising their roles from Spectre include Ralph Fiennes as M, Ben Whishaw as Q, Christoph Waltz as Blofeld, and Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny. Rami Malek joins the cast as the primary antagonist, Lyutsifer Safin, along with Ana de Armas and Lashana Lynch as agents who assist Bond in his latest mission to take down the terrorist leader. No Time to Die finds Craig’s Bond living a tranquil life of retirement with Madeleine Swann (Seydoux), another holdover from the previous film, before he is pulled back in for one final mission.


Now, in an interview with, Léa Seydoux says, like many fans, that she didn’t expect Daniel Craig to return for No Time to Die. When asked about whether she thought Swann would have a multi-film arc, Seydoux admitted she didn’t since she “really thought Spectre was Daniel’s last film.” Read her entire comments below:

I thought he was done with it. We didn’t have really a party or something to celebrate and everything and I remember that Barbara Broccoli, one of the producers, she wouldn’t let him go, she was like, “No Daniel, you will come back.” I remember he was extremely tired and I thought that he was just done with it. So when they called me back five years later, which is quite some time, and they said, “Daniel is coming back. It’s a secret. Don’t tell anyone, but you’ll be also part of the adventure,” and then I was so happy, so happy to be back.

Lea Seydoux and Daniel Craig in No Time to Die

Seydoux certainly isn’t the only one who didn’t expect Craig to be back for another Bond adventure. After Spectre‘s release in 2015, he made it quite clear he was ready to step away from the role, as he was famously quoted saying he would “rather slash his wrists” than make another Bond movie. However, Craig made this comment a day after filming on Spectre wrapped and he was understandably exhausted due to an on-set knee injury which only made the production process more difficult.

It turns out all Craig needed was some time to rest and recuperate before the franchise’s longtime producers were able to coax him into returning for a fifth and final film. The return of Craig’s Bond also gives other returning characters from Spectre more time to grow and develop, such as Seydoux’s character. Madeleine Swann actually has a past with the villain Lyutsifer Safin, which will serve as a springboard for the film’s conflict and now the wait for No Time to Die is almost over.

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Sylvester Stallone Edits Expendables 4 Screenplay During Dinner



Sylvester Stallone Edits Expendables 4 Screenplay During Dinner 4

Sylvester Stallone is in London to film The Expendables 4 and worked on the script while out to dinner. Stallone created The Expendables in 2010 as an action franchise that attempts to recapture the genre in its nostalgic heyday. The series has since had two sequels, which have gathered a variety of stars from the action genre, including Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Antonio Banderas, Terry Crews, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Mel Gibson and Jason Statham, amongst others.

The Expendables 4 is set to be directed by Scott Waugh (Need For Speed) and will once again star Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, and Randy Couture from the original cast, with newcomers to the series being Andy Garcia, 50 Cent, Megan Fox and Tony Jaa. The first two films in the series saw strong box office earnings, but Expendables 3, which was the first to be rated PG-13 and brought in a batch of younger stars, did not fare as well. The script for the fourth film is by Spenser Cohen, with revisions by John Joseph Connolly and Max Adams, but it appears that Stallone is getting in on the action as well.

RELATED:Every Sylvester Stallone Movie Franchise Ranked From Worst To Best

In a recent Instagram post, Sylvester Stallone shared a video recorded by a young woman (likely his daughter, who is also in London) that saw the action star seated at a posh London restaurant with a manuscript in hand. The actor is asked what he’s doing, to which he replies that he’s working on a scene with Jason Statham for The Expendables 4, that they’ll be shooting the next day and that they “gotta get it right.” Stallone’s dining companion reminds him that they’re “kinda in the middle of dinner” to which Stallone says that he’ll eat his words and she can eat some bread. It’s a funny exchange and it shows that Stallone isn’t one to take a break, even for dinner, when he’s shooting a film. Check out the video below:

It’s unclear if Expendables 4 is a sequel or spinoff, as it had been rumored that the next film in the series would focus on Statham’s character, Lee Christmas. That may well still be the case, but no one has made it clear one way or another. Since members of the original cast are returning, it seems the next film could just be business as usual. The trend of bringing in established big-name stars is in effect as well, with Garcia, Fox and Jaa joining the film. It’s likely that there will be more names announced as production kicks off and more details unfold.

Stallone is no stranger to being dedicated to his work when he’s in the midst of it, so his post isn’t surprising. The actor spent three days holed up at his apartment in the late 197os with his phone unplugged and windows painted black in order to block out distractions so that he could finish the script for a little boxing film called Rocky. Now, 45 years later, Stallone is still cranking on scripts; this time for another franchise he create. This time, however, the star is not quite as shut in as before, as he’s allowed himself to at least go out to dinner, while still staying in the zone. The Expendables 4 is expected to release sometime in 2022.

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