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Talianxy Feat Kemisco Thy Young_Overload



Brand new exclusive release Overload by Talianxy featuring multi talented singer Kemisco Thy Young.

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Hello! hello!!

How fa na Kemisco Thy Young

Awon Ologbo

I hear say dat girl for Lekki phase-2

I hear say… na you tear the pussy na

guy how you carry do am na

guy you wan kill person pikin?


Awon nawa o…

as i just climb she dy say harder-harder

before i know everything jus burst, kasala burst, kpekus burst


Keme’e e’e eh Ahn….


*Verse 1 (Talianxy)*

Bahd girl com to my place

me i no get case

keep it on a low no com gbese

give me one time make me girl no com gbese

Moniko fat….

Kijobere lati fat….

Kijobere wonti fat….

baby won bamilolemiyo



tell me what you want, you want baby!

I will take you around the world…

my Jakafunmi, Olorufemi, eriefekpami babyo no-no….

biegn duba tobou weri bo o…

Ama Keme baimiyo weri do o…

My money and my body and my soul…

Ama biegn duba emi, Keme ba dou emi, weri bo o….



Let da buddy bounce *2

Let da buddy bounce one time(*2)

She carry it! (Overload o…)*4


*Verse2 (Kemisco Thy Young)*


Anytime she com around ah Dendendegn

Shima pull it dana Brengdendendendegn

Anytime i give it down ah Igngengengegn “ehge”

But dis girl she carry it

Any other girl i swear i compare it

Makes me wan to down ah so i can burry it

Anytime she call my name, girl i can’t hear it “ehge”

Baby we need to talk, nor dy rush

Is you i wan to rock, nor dy dull

Body Mass issa Kainji dam, gadagagadiba, make me wan gadiba, gadabagadiga

but this girl… now.. she makes me on a low….

but da sugarcane girl na… she makes me wan to low…


*Repeat Chorus*

Talianxy Feat Kemisco Thy Young_Overload 3

Superior on the mix.

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