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Famous American Rappers with Unique Hobbies



Famous American Rappers with Unique Hobbies 1

Each of these performers have made crowds go wild at some point in their careers  

Even the rich and famous have hobbies, those various activities to be enjoyed during free time or, in the case of busy musicians when they are off stage and not on tour.

Like all artists, rappers must prioritize their craft. However, between turning out albums for their fans, writing and recording in the studio, and selling out concert shows, they still manage to make use of their downtime in their own special way just like the rest of us.

Here are five notable rappers, past and present, whose hobbies are unique and interesting. Who knows, maybe you even share in one or more of these interests.

Lil Wayne – Skating

One of the most famous rappers of the 21st century, Lil Wayne is known for his top-selling albums, with himself and his team continually winning prestigious awards year after year. In fact, at this year’s 63rd Grammys, his thirteenth studio record, Funeral, won Best Recording Package.

When the rapper is not raking in momentous achievements, you can probably find him skateboarding, a passion he has had for the better part of his life. In past interviews, he has made references to the hobby, describing it as his “second love” with music being the first, of course. He frequently attends pro-skateboarding events and even performed himself one year at the VMA awards.

Nelly – Poker

The recipient of several MTV, Billboard, and BET Awards, among many others, Nelly is a talented rapper whose skills are multi-faceted. The St. Louis native has been in the rap scene since his breakthrough album Country Grammar earned him a top spot on the charts back in the early 2000s.

Nelly’s fans and followers know about his love for poker as he has been quite vocal about it in past interviews with the press, where he talks about the strategic game and the reason he plays. In fact, the star has even been to the World Series of Poker, one of the most prestigious poker tournaments that got its start back in 1970 with only 7 participants. In addition to making music and playing poker, the singer enjoys watching professional baseball and is a dedicated fan of his local team, the St. Louis Cardinals.

Will Smith – Chess

Although Will Smith is generally known for his acting performances rather than his musical talent, the star actually got his start with rapping under the name “The Fresh Prince”. This then led to him landing the lead role on the hit show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, one of the most popular sitcoms of the 1990s.

However, some people may not know that the rapper turned successful actor is an avid player of another strategy game – chess, and has endorsed important tournaments like the Millionaire Chess Open. The chess enthusiast enjoys the hobby greatly and has even been known to work with chess masters in an effort to further refine his skills.

Famous American Rappers with Unique Hobbies

Will Smith is one among many other famous people who enjoy a good game of chess

DMX – Entomology

Easily the most fascinating and unique hobby on this list, the late rapper DMX was widely known for his love of insect collecting. The artist enjoyed studying bugs in his free time, interested in the world of these creepy crawlers and their relation to humans.

However, DMX is not the only one whose passion for entomology took up a large part of his life. Fellow rapper Kool Keith has also expressed his interest in the study of insects, acquiring his own personal collection at home.

Ice T – Gaming

Last but not least, Ice T is perhaps just as popular for being a master gamer as he is for being a stellar rapper. The artist has never been shy about his love for gaming, even giving himself the title “The Original Gamer.” In past interviews, he has stated that his favourite title is Call of Duty and it is the one he spends the most time playing.

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Kanye West & Irina Shayk Return To The U.S Together After Birthday Romantic Getaway



Kanye West & Irina Shayk Return To The U.S Together After Birthday Romantic Getaway 2

Hours after TMZ confirmed their relationship, Kanye West and Irina Shayk return to the U.S together following their romantic getaway.

Kanye West and his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian announced that they were getting a divorce after 7 years of marriage, but it not clear what broke the camel’s back. However, some people seem to think that Kanye’s bipolar attitude was something Kim had difficulty dealing with, so she filed for divorce.

After their breakup, rumor had it that Kim was seeing political news commenter, Van Jones, while Kanye was falsely rumored to have a fling with Jeffree Starr. Rumors neither of them came forward to confirm.

A couple of days back, Kanye clocked 44 and he decided to celebrate with his new boo, Supermodel, Irina.

Kanye West & Irina Shayk Return To The U.S Together After Birthday Romantic Getaway 3

According to Page Six and TMZ, the Fade rapper and Russian supermodel were spotted spending time together in Provence, France, to mark his 44th birthday.

The two photographed taking a stroll while holding and smiling at each other, as they are staying at the luxury Villa La Coste boutique hotel together.

Kanye West & Irina Shayk Return To The U.S Together After Birthday Romantic Getaway 4

They returned from their vacation together on Wednesday afternoon of the 9th of June, arriving in New Jersey on a shared private jet. While they flew back home together, reports had it that they did not leave the airport together. Kanye covered his face as cameras snapped the pair walking inside of the facility.

An insider said Kanye and Irina are seeing each other. It’s casual at the moment, but they are into each other. They have apparently been seeing each other for a few weeks now. 

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Olamide Unveils The Official Tracklist For “UY Scuti” Album



Olamide Unveils The Official Tracklist For “UY Scuti” Album 5

Award winning Nigerian rapper, Olamide has finally revealed the official tracklist for his forthcoming album – ‘UY Scuti’.

Led by the buzzing lead single, ‘Rock‘, UY Scuti album consists of 10 tracks and one bonus track. It runs for 32 minutes and features, Jaywillz, Layydoe, Fave and Phyno. Package by YBNL and EMPIRE.

The album which was originally meant for June 14 has now been scheduled for June 18. This was revealed when Olamide shared the official tracklist for his 11th studio album via his Instagram page with the caption; #UYScuti #June18.

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Celebrity Gist

Top Nollywood actor Benjamin Joseph, Us-based singer Nana Adwoa to release new song (I will praise)



Top Nollywood actor Benjamin Joseph, Us-based singer Nana Adwoa to release new song (I will praise) 6

Top Nollywood actor Benjamin Joseph, Us-based singer Nana Adwoa to release new song (I will praise)

One of Nigeria’s finest and Multi award-winning actor, Singer, voice over artist and television presenter, Joseph Benjamin set to release his long awaited audio track ‘I will praise’. He described the song as ‘a direct call to heaven through praise’ and was recorded in collaboration with US-based gospel Minister, Nana Adwoa.

Joseph has long sourced for fame through entertainment right from an early age. He, however, kicked off his career officially as an actor by taking on a role in the movie titled, “Crossroads” in 1995. Shortly after, he began to pursue a full-time career in modeling and acting for television commercials in the print ads industry of Nigeria.

His quest to assert a full presence in the entertainment industry led him to begin venturing into other dimensions. He took the role of the (“Banker”) in the popular TV show (“Deal or No Deal”). While working on the show, his desire to express himself only intensified as his love for music began to develop.

He has so far, enjoyed a successful career winning several local and international awards alongside other recognitions.

His love for music and passion for God has seen him stand for truth and also express it through his morally driven lifestyle and music. He debuted his music in 2016, with two singles. So in Love (A song that expresses his love for God)Joy (A song of encouragement and hope) His Most recent single ‘I pour my love on you’ is currently making waves across the nation.

While reminiscing on the inspiration behind the song, he said:’ I got this song in the heat of the pandemic. I thought about a song that will be a source of encouragement and also a praise to God for what he has done. So when this came, I immediately knew this was it and I also wanted it to be a collaboration”.

On his collaboration with talented Ghanaian Us-based singer, Nana Adwoa, he added, ‘I wanted to do something a little different from just being specifically Nigerian. I wanted a song that will appeal to not just Nigerians. Moreso, I am very connected to the Ghanaian Community, my wife is Ghanaian. Nigerians also share almost similar values and sound in music with Ghanaians. So it just sat right in a good place to make it somewhat of a West African collaboration”.

Benjamin added much of his talent to this new single and will be hoping to inspire his loving fans across Africa and the world when it drops on 11th June on all online music stores, distributed by Prime Music partners.

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