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oraimo & 2Baba Collaboration – A Perfect Marriage



oraimo & 2Baba Collaboration – A Perfect Marriage 1

The consumer-first brand aiding the growth & development of the Nigerian music industry, leading smart accessory brand, oraimo forged a formidable partnership with one of Nigeria and Africa’s favorite artist, 2Baba. This partnership has already seen fruition as the 2Baba Tuned Edition of oraimo’s wireless earbud was well received in the market by consumers. The oraimo 2Baba freepods 2 is one of the fastest selling products in the market. These earbuds do not just have 2Baba’s signature, but they are specially tuned by 2Baba himself to ensure the consumers get that crisp audio and professional sound quality for consumers.

For most companies, taking bold marketing steps is regarded as a wild goose chase. But for oraimo, taking bold steps is what has made the brand stand out.

The above brings to mind the rationale behind the signing of popular Nigerian Afro-pop/ RnB and “African Queen” crooner, 2Baba as the headline brand ambassador of the oraimo brand. The collaboration which sent tongues wagging all over social and traditional media has since been beneficial to both parties as it has been witnessed in the astronomical increase in the origination, production and sales of the specially tuned oraimo 2Baba freepods 2.

The oraimo 2Baba freepods 2 with its pro-sound, slick design, black aesthetics, excellent battery life, unique touch controls, and the icing on the cake 2Baba’s voice prompt makes it so unique. To further the cobranding with the legendary Afro-pop/RnB singer, the oraimo 2Baba freepods 2 is created with a unique bass system and sound system that gives you a legendary live experience. Perfectly made for all music lovers.

It should be noted that the collaboration was done in a bid to increasing brand awareness and also to leverage the popularity of 2Baba, Nigeria’s most successful musician as the face of the brand.

This goes to show that oraimo knows what motivates her audience and users. It’s simple; incorporating social proof. Telling a story that shows your expertise and how you’re qualified to solve your audience’s problem; the hunger to do something different; something that can change people’s lives so that they can explore the wonderful world.

oraimo is Africa’s leading smart accessories brand that has broken into Nigerian homes with the vision of providing millennials with a smarter and easier and convenient lifestyle.

Check out to get your smart accessories at amazing prices and Keep Exploring.


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GELATO, “This Is An Insult To Music As A Career & An Embarrassment” – Kelly Hansome Says To Cuppy



GELATO, “This Is An Insult To Music As A Career & An Embarrassment” – Kelly Hansome Says To Cuppy 2

Nigerian singer, Kelly Hansome has called out his fellow Nigerian artiste, Cuppy for releasing the hit song GELATO. Kelly Hansome says the song is Rubbish and it shouldn’t have been released as a Nigerian song cos it’s a big embarrassment to the music industry.

DJ Cuppy and Zlatan have been trending for a while now on social media for different reasons. First for Cuppy sharing that Zlatan has blocked her on all his social media accounts, to Zlatan denying Cuppy on National TV, then to Isreal DMW sharing what made Zlatan blocked Cuppy, To Cuppy filing a lawsuit against Isreal for defamation of character (Libel) and the recent Isreal DMW’s Public Apology.

With the whole drama above, Kelly Hansome comes to joins in yesterday after Trashing DJ Cuppy’s recent Gelato Performance. Cuppy performed her hit song GELATO live on Thursday Night (Feb. 11, 2021) at the Gold Dust Conference. The performance didn’t sit well with Kelly Hansome as the singer feels Cuppy’s singing is an Embarrassment to the Nigerian music industry.

He posted her energetic live performance on his Instagram page sharing that the Hit song Gelato is an Insult to Music and he advises Cuppy to pay people like him who writes better songs and have good music content next time.

If I talk now haters will say their daily prayer “bla bla bla”…

“Ur career don die”. “U’re looking for attention”. “U’re hating”, meanwhile the person chatting has never stood out for anything in life. No be only GELATO, na MALAWI. What is this? This is an insult to music as a career and an embarrassment to NAIJA Music. This is like mocking real Musicians, when did we get here? You cannot buy talent. They would’ve paid me or someone to write a proper song for her, bring out her British accent & all but NO. ?

U would have just come out on Hiptv to insult all of us all 1 by 1, this is wicked. 9ja music is losing bearing, chai! ?

Do you think music is child’s play? If she wasn’t Otedola’s daughter, would you listen to this if it was someone else? Music is not for everyone, if you ain’t got it you ain’t got it. I go soon leave this music for una. ??? #nigerianmusic

See His Post Below

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Rapper, ILLbiss Calls For Unity Among The Igbos



Rapper, ILLbiss Calls For Unity Among The Igbos 3

ILLbiss Laments about the cold discrimination in the Eastern part of Nigeria, Calls For Unity Among all Igbos.

Nigerian Rapper and Actor, ILLbiss late last night, Friday via his Twitter account reminisce on his growing up in Enugu and how the Igbos discriminates each other (Igbo tribes).

Had a friend growing up in enugu. We were close. He is from enugu state and I from imo although I was born and raised in enugu. One day I overheard his father (a man I had so much respect for) saying to him…” why are you friends with this boy?” Don’t you knw they hate us?

DONT You know they call us Wawa people? Keep away from him. He is not to be trusted. Imo and anambra people are dangerous. They almost stole our state. They think they are better than us. >>> Seeds of discord sown in so many. So much for being one igbo

After recalling discrimination faced during his childhood day in the East, ILLbiss calls for Unity, One Love among the Igbos. Implores the new generation to let go of the older generations Ideology, old sayings and discrimination. Also says Love should be extended to all tribe even to those outside the East.

BOTTOM LINE… lets always see the big picture regarding being IGBO. Rally around each other as much as we can and show each other genuine love and support devoid of our states of origin. also share that love with every one else from other tribes. there is greater love in that

See his Tweets below

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Lil Frosh To Remain In Ikoyi Prison Till March, 2021



Lil Frosh To Remain In Ikoyi Prison Till March, 2021 4

Former signee of DMW record label, Sanni Wasiu popularly known as Lil Frosh has been charged to the Magistrate court of justice Adeola Olatunbosun at the Yaba Magistrate court for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend Okeoghene known as Gift Camile.

Recall that late last year Lil Frosh ex-girlfriend’s Manager, Michael, had alleged that he was physically abusing his girlfriend Gift.

Following up the case the 18-year old artist was invited by the police at the Federal Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department for interrogation just last week. Lil Frosh’s arraignment was facilitated by the International Association of Women Lawyers, Lagos State branch.

According to reports, Lil Frosh pleaded not guilty. Following his plea, He is to remain in Ikoyi prison custody till the next hearing March 9, 2021.

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