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This An Established Fact, Davido Produces The Best – Review



This An Established Fact, Davido Produces The Best – Review 3

For Davido Production Is Always 5 Star, The Standard Must Never Drops – The Best Video Review

The Review, Creating a beautiful sound in a dark studio is one thing, translating that music to an appropriate video is another thing, Davido ’s “The Best” featuring Mayorkun is a song from his 2020 album “A Better Time” 2020.

When this song became a favourite an almost outshine the buzzing song “FEM” at that time and also position Mayorkun as a gifted artist, It is no brainer that a video for the song will be released. Making an appearance is the legendary Wande Coal and it’s directed by Dammy Twitch.

The video opens to a cool scenery of nature and then we see a Samaria which is obviously The Mayor Of Lagos Mayorkun. Immediately following suits are clips of Sumaria life that we would see as the music video on folds.

As I watched I wondered why Davido and Dammy Twitch will choose to channel Samurai and Ninja life. There is the risk of cultural appropriation and the obvious fact that this song doesn’t talk about any of the obvious values of Samurai living. As I watched the video in mute, I saw a story of a young man (Mayorkun) in search of something, he finds it but he has to fight for it. At his first attempt he gets beaten up, then he goes to get the required skill to be a better fighter. He comes to a grand patron (Davido) who teaches him and he goes back to fight and this time he wins simply because he learnt from the best.

Nwannem I come from the ghetto” somehow this line makes me see the video in another light. Somehow the Samurai culture is appropriate. Blame the movies I have watched but in some of them the Samurai kid often comes from a place of low standing (standard) in the society and later becomes the hero. Mayorkun the kid from the ghetto with a scroll in hand, is on a journey in search of something, a girl I presume. This girl represents Mayorkun’s musical desire, as we see in the video that she holds a trumpet. Upon seeing that the girl is the exact replica of what is on his scroll {his desire) he starts talking to her. When Mayorkun shows her the scroll she begins to play as if Mayorkun showed her a music sheet. This further interprets Mayorkun’s desire to “blow” in the industry. He met with a challenge almost immediately. A group of karate kids punches him. These Karate kids can be said to be other music acts in the industry who feel Mayorkun can not come from behind and start having big talks or big dreams. Which is the every other day story of life. You find what you want and then many issues come your way which makes you want to quit and farther but if you stay on the grind without giving up and true to yourself with a good mentor then you emerge the best. Mayorkun meets Davido who takes him under his wings and teaches him everything “You see I learnt from the best o (the best), Davido, sho get o

This An Established Fact, Davido Produces The Best – Review 4

Davido and Mayorkun The Best Music Video Review

The costume for this video was well executed. The Geisha dressing, Samurai with his sheath sword and Karate robe and the Asian conical hat costume was done right. The colour chosen was right with the theme of the Japanese Samurai. There was no overlapping of Japanese and Chinese writing in the inscriptions that surrounded the scenery in the video and very importantly the songs and mouthing of words were in sync.

Watching a video without any form of male gaze in today’s world of Buss It and Silhouette Challenge is quite refreshing. There is not one scene of unnecessary nudity or sexual charged dance. I wonder if this is a new trend Davido is trying to set judging from “Fem” and “Jowo”, music videos. If it is, I would like to say it is one that is refreshingly welcomed.

With an unending contention of who the best in the industry is, it is quite important that Davido sets himself as the grand patron and not a man in the battle field, a subtle well crafted way of saying he is above the playing field of comparison. He trains the apprentice well so that at his one punch, whoever doubted his abilities gets on the floor. To be honest Mayorkun is a gifted artist and his music upon release almost throws out whatever song is trending. Davido’s desire to see Mayorkun become the very best that he can be, I guess is what inspired the song and its title. This is the story of Mayorkun and not necessarily Davido calling himself “The Best”. When Mayorkun got back to the same field where he was sent out upon entry, he is no longer the shy kid, he is not unsure, he is now dressed right and ready to battle.

This video also says Mayorkun under Davido’s tutelage will soon clear the big wigs and stand tall as a legend. I appreciate that this song was not Mayorkun featuring Davido because it would have been interpreted as Mayorkun being conceited.

This video is a clean crisp well edited creation of Davido and Dammy Twitch. Davido has been known to give good music videos to his studio creation and he is not slowing down. The storyline of the video and the lyrical content was a good match and I believe Davido’s intentions for this song was well captured. This video does deserve a 5 out of 5 stars.

The Best Music Video Reviewed by Chioma Onyefuosaonu 

Music Preview

Music Preview: Fxlix The DREAM -“Ride Dolo” Feat Mr Legend



Music Preview: Fxlix The DREAM -"Ride Dolo" Feat Mr Legend 17

( Music Preview ) Fxlix The DREAM -“Ride Dolo” Feat Mr Legend

Music Preview: Fxlix The DREAM -"Ride Dolo" Feat Mr Legend 18

Coming next on #Beatafrika is RIDE DOLO by Nigerian anonymous producer Fxlix The DREAM which features #UnderPressure crooner Mr Legend.

Music Preview: Fxlix The DREAM -"Ride Dolo" Feat Mr Legend 19

Fxlix The DREAM has been working undercover for a while now but decided to dish out this great sound which was produced by himself, he has been making hot instrumentals for most of the musc artists we’ve been listening to.


#RIDEDOLO Is about the struggle and pressure most artists face without a label or management, these dudes Mr Legend x Fxlix The DREAM has been working sleeplessly to make it out the streets without bothering anybody.


#RIDEDOLO simply means #RidingSoloMr Legend

Music Preview: Fxlix The DREAM -"Ride Dolo" Feat Mr Legend 20

More aboutFxlix The DREAMbelow

My name is Felix Anesah , Also known as Fxlix The DREAM from Bayelsa State, Southern Ijaw LGA. I’m a hip-hop, trap producer,  I started making beats in 2018, Then I  started selling and sending out beats in 2019. The first official song I produced was “On This Wave” by EXO and B-Raps which was released November 2019, I also featured on the “OMOEBIEKURU” project by M_style with production credits on Track 1 “OMOEBIEKURU ” and Track 4 “My Own”.  So far I’ve produced a lot of songs for artists like M_Style, Yung Riis,Mav3, Remmy, YB Nagy, EXO, Ocean Rock, KvngKila, Mr. Legend Etc.
My beats are basically different from anything ever heard from this part of the world as I hope to share my sound with everyone.

Music Preview: Fxlix The DREAM -"Ride Dolo" Feat Mr Legend 21

Fxlix The DREAM -“Ride Dolo” Feat Mr Legend release date: April 1st #StayTuned….

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Davido Comes In Peace With The Hit Song “FEM” | The Review



Davido Comes In Peace With The Hit Song “FEM” | The Review 22

Davido Thrashed Burna Boy On “FEM” & Still Made It A Hit – The Review

“FEM Review”, Sensational singer, Davido returned to the music scene after a three-month social media hiatus and as expected, he broke the internet. The singer made a huge comeback with the release of “FEM,” a track that he had been teasing fans with for months.

However, further analysis of the lyrics of the track indicates that he is dissing Burna Boy. This would not be the first time Davido would be dissing or addressing controversy via his songs but with “FEM” he appears to be quite intentional. This article examines thoroughly the lyrics and also a review of the track itself.

The Genesis

It is not known if Davido and Burna Boy had any beef prior to this current situation because all seemed to be well between the two at least with the way they showed love to each other on social media. When Burna Boy was nominated for a Grammy award earlier in the year, Davido was amongst the plethora of celebrities to wish him the best.

Unfortunately, he lost the award to Angelique Kidjo, and via his social media pages, he wrote that some of his colleagues were happy that he lost the Grammy Award. A couple of weeks later, Burna Boy in his famous question and answer session in March, revealed that his fifth album “Twice As Tall” would be released later in July. Davido followed suit and revealed that his new album “A Better Time” would be released in the same month. He announced that Tiwa Savage, American Rapper, Nicki Minaj would be featured on the album

Shortly after this, Burna Boy took to his Instagram page to share a cryptic message ““July will be very funny and I shall laugh accordingly.”. Davido then broke the internet by sharing a photoshopped picture of himself and Wizkid and wrote “The two greatest of all time, no [cap].”


In what seemed like a response to Davido’s post, he threw shade at the “Risky” singer calling him an embarrassment.“You cannot play football, everybody knows you cannot play football and you are an embarrassment to the team, but your daddy bought the football team…”

Davido has always been ridiculed for not being talented to have gone that far in the music scene. His wealthy status didn’t help matters as he has always been using his daddy’s money to advance his career. This was obviously directed at Davido.

Burna Boy References Davido on “Twice As Tall”

Burna Boy seemed to have thrown shade at the singer on “Way Too Big“. Burna brags about being too big and smart to be messing around with David and also falling into his traps. “Because I’m way too big, Way too big to be fucking with you, And be moving with you, mmm, Because I’m way too smart, Way too smart to be falling in your trap”. And on the track ‘Wetin Dey Sup

Interestingly, on “Wettin Dey Sup,” he switches up saying him and his gang are ready for a fight but based on one or two they are keeping calm. Still on same track he says he isn’t scared of anything that no one should tell him and the gang to Cool down and later comes to say he is not bothered about anything that Davido can have his way but he would continue to Win, Lead and be On Top.

Davido’s Comeback

After months of staying away from social media, Davido announced his first single of the year, “FEM” which means “Shut Up”. Making the announcement, Davido wrote that the track is dedicated to people taking bad about him simply because they do not understand his shine.  “To the people talking about you because they don’t understand your shine, they don’t understand your grace, they don’t understand why they can never be what you are or have what you have… we say #FEM!”


Lyrics Breakdown

In the first verse, Davido doesn’t waste time in giving the raison d’être of the track. Apparently, someone is talking too much and all Davido wants is for him to shut up.

E be like you don dey talk too much, Small talk you don dey talk who talk, Fem (Baddest!), Oboy you don dey do too much, Small talk you don dey look who talk, Fem (I’m Baddest!), “

Now, this is where the track gets interesting, Davido combines two of Burna Boy’s tracks in one sentence. “Like To Party” & “Odogwu“. It is no longer news that Burna Boy considers himself as the “Odogwu” which means a mighty person in the Igbo language. Also, Burna Boy’s debut official single ‘Like To Party’ which is off his “L.I.F.E” album is considered to be one of his biggest songs and the track that gave him prominence in the music scene. So Davido mentioning these tracks definitely raises eyebrows.

You wey dey find the pitty, Tell Odogwu say we Like To Party, Just call me, you wan know 30BG, You go know 30BG when you see 30BGUh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, Make una tell am to call me, Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

From another angle, Burna Boy considers himself as the original Gangster, the one and only real music Gangster that runs and makes things happen in the music industry. Well Davido comes to clear him about partying and ganging, gives him an insight about how he desperately wants to get the Grammy and warms him to stay off violent acts because he is the Don dada and owns the Real Gang.

In second Verse Davido continues with his warnings. He advises him against talking too much because things could get more dangerous and out of hand. Here he also brags about having fans that are seriously vexing, and the real Gangs.

Before the, before the matter get serious, Before the, whole matter gets dangerous, You need to make sure you don’t stay too much, ‘Cause if you say too much, I fit to run up on you… You see say I get fans wey dey para gan, You see say my own G pass G-Wagon

Another intriguing detail in the second verse is the G-Wagon part. Davido says his own things are bigger than just the G-wagon. It is worthy to note that Burna Boy has a G-Wagon worth millions in his collection of exotic cars. When Burna Boy posted his garage on social media, Davido shared photos of his ridiculously expensive private jet.

Also Davido reminds that he sets trends even without being on Twitter, how he hangs around men and not boys, how he has the real fans and G that are ready to die for him and not Twitter staffs. Oops shots fired!!

“My nigga, I set trends, no Twitter staff, I get men, I no dey gather boys…”

This part above is like a double shade, let’s look deeply. We all know Wizkid has the best/biggest fans on social media especially on Twitter, and Burna Boy of late has been taking side with Wizkid praising him and doing all sort just to have Wizkid’s biggest and greatest asset – The Fans on his side towards his ‘Twice As Tall’ album and anytime he gets into any mess. Well David just made things clear that people on social media won’t go all out for you in real life, The street will and he owns that so Burna should think twice.

Still on the second verse, things got confusing with the last lines;

I dey live my life, man dey turn am to shoot on sight, When be say na me dey give them life, Them go tell me who dey give them mind, give them mind

This above sounded like Davido was having A Good Time, living the best his life, catching his cruise with the Gang/fans and someone, somewhere who isn’t happy about it wants to snipe him out. Take him off the music scene and steal his shine/glory. Well let’s drop our pen down on the Lyrics Breakdown.


The Visuals + Audio Review

The track produced by Napji has a good beat and vibe. Despite the fact the Davido’s singing skills are on the level any one of us could easily achieve with the help of singing lessons from a good vocal coach, his vocals were a bit rough (sounded like he wasn’t properly hydrated before singing) but he sang with passion. The track might be like a diss but it’s got easy to remember and catchy lyrics. However, “FEM” sounds like a mixture of some of his previous tracks, only with different lyrics and a changed beat but fortunately the strong vibe the song emits covered up that flaw.

Whats a Davido single without a visual to back it up? The Dammy Twitch directed visuals actually sums up the message he is trying to pass across. Davido shares a full view of his private jet, his luxurious lifestyle, his gang, and of course, the crazy love he receives from his fans on the street, worldwide. In other words, he is showing that he is the bigger man.

Final thoughts.

This track is on its way to being a huge hit and it’s not just because it’s his first single of the year or because of its message. The title of the track is enough to start a new movement, another internet slang for netizens plus its catchy lyrics. Someone talking too much about you? someone dragging you for no reason? Tell them to what? FEM! Davido sure knows how to diss someone, address matters and still make it a hit song.

From OBO’s corner/end FEM! is not a Diss but a Statement which reads: ‘I don’t need to talk down on you/people before i get elevated – But if that is what you deploy to be elevated, then KEEP QUIET aka FEM!

But hey! this entire brouhaha has this writer thinking If this beef was between both, who had the better diss? How would Burna Boy respond to this? Is this really a diss for Burna Boy or it’s Davido just catching cruise? Do drop/share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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Music Review

Olamide Is Back To Set Records & Disquiet Critics With His New Music Growth, “ERU” Review



Olamide Is Back To Set Records & Disquiet Critics With His New Music Growth, “ERU” Review 23

Olamide Eru

After This Review You Would Agree that Olamide ‘s “Eru” Will Sets Record And Disquiet Critics.

The Review, “Eru” which is an Afro-Pop record that is very likely to top all radio charts next week or so, is the latest single by the YNBL Boss, Olamide. A singing record that got a lot of grooves that will get you dancing in no time. Olamide’s versatility and ability to transcend and grow is commendable and this track might be what to expect from his next album. Although fans and critics alike have not been pleased with his past efforts,” Eru” is a new wave that will change people’s minds in no time.

But before I tell you more about this song, I will like to take a detour and take you a little down memory lane just to prove why “Eru” is special and a testament of Olamide’s formidable force of reinvention.

Helloooo, How are you?

Yes, that’s one of the many Olamide Signatures and one that affirms his creative prowess. When it comes to Street Lingo (slangs,) you know there is no other Naija artist that holds the street down as Olamide has.

Over the last decade, his 2010 breakout single titled “Eni Duro” hit the radio and internet with its clever wordplay and captivating flow of rap sensation that got everyone on the street and in the music industry interested in him. Unfortunately, his debut Album (Rapsodi) didn’t do well and got both critics and fans worried about his career as he left his then record label, Coded Tunez.

But guess what?

No one knew the hunger and talent this guy had at the time and a lot of people thought he was over but a year after leaving the ID Cabasa record label Coded Tunez, Olamide released another album called “YBNL” which happens to be the name of his label. Unbelievably, the YNBL boss and mastermind Olamide took over the street and since then went overboard, coming into notoriety to be compared to Ace rappers like M.I Abaga, Mode 9nine and the legendary Dagrin.

Well, what has made Olamide songs special?
What is the secret of his longevity?
How was he able to grow an empire for over a decade?

In a competitive arena like the Nigeria Music Industry, Olamide has done numbers, he has done the biggest shows, headlined his own concert on the same day as Wizkid and still sold out. He has signed so many acts under his imprint who are top players in the game. Indeed, there is something about this guy’s career that makes him stay up the echelon of things.

Now, that being said, we need to know what makes him a different kind of artiste, bearing in mind that Olamide is no average rapper. He is a CEO and entrepreneur, who has shown “Versatility” as a major strength; Olamide can rap over Dr Dre’s beat and go bar for bar with witty punchlines and clever wordplay and still sing so good on a Young John’s beat. I bet every party you go will have an Olamide record on replay. Then you know no other artist in Nigeria, as it stands, can come up with better slang as he does.

Okay, indeed you can’t have a smooth run at the top forever. The average for a rapper to stay at the top in Hip-hop is 7 years. Drake is currently the biggest rapper in the world and he has nothing less than a year to fall off. So, when Olamide became a topic on social media and on the streets for his low rating singles after his 2018 hit “Science Student,” many people failed to realize that he was at his peak and like mentioned earlier, an artiste can’t keep going on with the same program that fans have known him for, there has to be a transition and a chance for growth. Indeed, most of the record he put out in the last year even the so-called “999 EP” which he dropped early this year have been below the expectations of many.

So, it’s no surprise he has finally found his sound and growth in this new single called “Eru”.

OLAMIDE – “ERU” The Review

Just like his contemporaries in the game, Olamide has stepped up in sound. Sonically, this song is supposed to garner International attention. The Afro-pop record was released on Sept 8 2020. The song is produced by P.Prime and a video for the song was also released simultaneously. “Eru” is a record that focuses on singing, braggadocious lyrics about having money and lavish lifestyle of the rich. The vocals were treated differently from his previous records as you can hear the ad-lips and backup spirling through the beat similar to the way Travis Scott vocals are mixed. I think this record shows his growth and where his head is at now. You can tell he is reaching for more than his fan base.

“Eru” is a single that has a lot of potentials and this might be the direction he is going to take for his next album which I believe is in line with the turn of the new decade as the sound is more accommodating. Thereby, giving him an opportunity to increase and grow his fan base and proving critics wrong again like before.

Olamide is back and he got prove for it. “Eru” is true fire and a new path for the YBNL boss.

The record was sung in Yoruba, the lyrics are basic and there is no much “Aha” moment in the song. The production is quite impressive and the effort is worth giving the YNBL another chance to continue his reign as one of Nigeria’s music elite class.

Check out Olamide “Eru HERE” , What Do You Think About The Song… Another Hit or A Miss?

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