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Forget The Hype On ‘MIL’ & ‘ABT’, Timaya ‘s “Gratitude” Album Is An Outstanding Project



Forget The Hype On ‘MIL’ & ‘ABT’, Timaya ‘s “Gratitude” Album Is An Outstanding Project 1

Timaya Is Thankful On Gratitude Album.

Success isn’t always about greatness, it’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come…” Dwayne Johnson

Yes! that’s the right quote to use in summarizing Timaya’s career. Ever since his induction into the Nigeria Urban Music scene, Timaya has kept the pedal to the floor and kept moving on his lane without veering off his message, style and music prowess.

I think foresight is why the Papi Chulo (as he likes to call himself these days) has gone this far. He has always been a visionar , a hustler and strong on his ideas even when the rest of the industry tends to go a different direction… Timaya has a stay on his lane, working his art and growing.

According to him, he once hawked plantain on the street of Port-Harcourt then used that same energy to sell his album for 500k to Alaba Marketers just for the promotion and yes, he did bank on it big time. Now he has albums every other year and you can tell that he is quite successful considering his depth in the industry ever since.


The new drop, “Gratitude” is Timaya’s 8th studio album (that’s if you consider his 2019 “Chulo Vibes” as an album). Well, this album is mainly focused on one theme which is Gratitude. Gratitude to God for how he has raised him to become what he is today but he didn’t stop there, he also took time to throw out gems to those who care to listen and talk a good deal about his life.

Gra Gra” is one of such tracks that he speaks his truth about the secret to success and life, encouraging his fans to work hard and take it easy on frivolous lifestyle. He made it clear that whatever life gives you, you have to make a good use of it and keep up the hard work rather than complain.
Many of these themes spawn throughout the album but it’s a good thing he made it groovy as he always does to make you enjoy the songs with all the substance in it.

Local & Bougie” is a new twist. Its components are South-Africa House and EDM . it’s a unique sound that really didn’t touch much on anything other than the fact he doesn’t have to beg for love and how he is risen from all that people said to become successful.

Ebiola Papa” is a Afro-Pop record that has a lot of Melody and rhythm going on in the backdrop of the song that will have you nodding or singing along. it’s more like a prayer song, asking God not to leave his side, and talking about the challenges in the world he can’t face alone without God.. a good production from Suka Sound and the melodic voice of Timaya made this one distinct.

L.O.V.E is a Dance-Hall record which has a lot of similarity to what he usually do. A love song that entails his affection and commitment to the love of his life. it’s a song that will go perfectly well on a DJ cue and such a song is likely to have a lot of international love since it has a lot of Dance-Hall elements in it. I think Patoranking feature was missing in on the song. It would have made a difference though.

Timaya took them to church on “Chulo Bothers Nobody” . The sound of this song is church mix with High-Life. Again, he makes it clear on how he likes to live his life being a gentleman, keeping his head up and straight and having his eyes on the prize.

Iberibe” is an Afro-beat/High-Life record that runs both sound interchangeable throughout the record. I think that’s phenomenal. Although Wizkid has done records like this before, it’s the distinctiveness of the sound that makes it different here. Timaya brags about spoiling his girl and talks about her beauty and the gratitude he has for having her .

The Album opened up with the next track titled “Born to Win“… a song about his past struggle and his philosophy of life… since no one was ready to help him, he has to get up and win . According to him, he is Keen on winning so much it’s the only thing he focuses on . His hustle and tenacity has been from his struggles in the past. This is a dance record that gives a lot of hope to those who need to hear a piece of Timaya’s mind .

Buru” is a smooth reggae record (reggae in its elements and beat production) that is basically a praise to God and the many blessings he has been blessed with, making it clear nothing is bigger than his God. He talks about haters waiting for his downfall but makes it clear that it’s not going to happen since he has God behind him .

Staying relevant in a culture of the 21st century means you are financial buoyant and this is what Timaya message is on “Don Dada” . Trust no one and be careful who you help. But if you must help others make sure you have invested in yourself first…. it’s really a message that everyone needs to hear. The Afro-beat/High-Life dance record is very insightful, filled with rhythm and easy to sing along. it’s known that Timaya’s DM records has given rise to a lot of prominent artiste in the country. So as someone who has done so much, it’s only right to say he knows what he is saying

No Limit” is a hit record. It has a groovy sound of Afro-beat mixed with dance. This is a new wave, I believe, since it’s really sounding fresh. He even thinks some people feel he is anti-social, making sure you know he care less since he has no limit with the hits and the money is sure coming in. I think it would be a real different track if he had feature Burna Boy. Well, on its own the song is a hit.

Now let me make a point; so far, Timaya hasn’t featured anyone in on the songs and he did well holding it down on every record.

Okaka” is a very indigenous record in it’s production as it embed High-Life with a lot of Percussion which is traditionally the sound from Southern Nigeria. it’s another praise record to God, on how he is now well established even though he was termed local but now he is international.

The Light” is about Timaya being vocal about the Nigeria Government and all its erroneous ways. Molded on an Afro-beat mixed with High-Life, this is one of the most distinct production on the album. It’s unique like the one I talked about earlier on. It’s cool, tight and just pleasing to hear the saxophone play all over the track. it’s worth the listen.

The first single off the album and one that has had a lot of radio airplay and popularity for over a year now is “I Can’t Kill Myself”. This record has a good video and it’s vibes are really relaxing.. still on the course of living life on his own terms and not letting the pressure from the external world get to his beliefs and conviction of putting God first
The name of the next record “Something Must Kill A Man“, which is almost similar to the previous one, is a warning to those who care to hear about being cautious on how they lead their lives. He stays on the course of planning, investing and taking it easy on frivolous spending..

The Mood” is an Afro-beat record that has a vibe so cool you probably press replay once the sax blast is over. it’s a good track since it can place anywhere in one’s list when picking out songs to listen to. The cool tempo Afro-beat is catchy and appealing. Timaya wasted no time to talk about his grind and the Fruits that comes with it .. a nice record indeed

Timaya is not your average artiste. As far as A-List is concerned, Timaya has been making the cut since he first came out and continues to maintain the top of the food chain .

Everyone is talking about the many dope albums of 2020, from Wizkid to Burna Boy, Olamide to Davido. And while most of these guys are really up the list and are doing great one can’t deny the greatness in an artiste like Timaya… although the album has some misses like his continuous using of the same mode of expression, which can be very tiring to the listener, it is complete in itself than Wizkid or Davido’s album this year .

Timaya has influenced a lot of artistes that are making great impact like Patoranking. It’s only evident that his power is in his consistency.. being able to stay focus, being able to keep up with the message while looking for a place to balance it up with the trend of the day.

Cohesiveness and Focus are surely two elements Timaya’s “Gratitude” album has over other album released this year. Maybe not as popular as the other A-List artiste, Timaya is one of the greatest Nigeria artiste. While you want to argue that make sure you listen to the album first and draw a conclusion and see what lines are left .

Theme: 9
Production: 7
Lyrics: 7
Replay value: 8

Timaya – “Gratitude” Album

Reviewed by Olalekan Okeremilekun
Twitter: @imjudah1


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MX-Nine is a gospel/conscious rapper who always shows up from an unconventional space.
A true HipHop head who is one of the pioneers on the Rap Scene in YenTown. He was formerly known as HT, back when he was a Circular Rapper.

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Music video by Davido performing Assurance/Jowo at Jimmy Kimmel Live!.. Watch and Enjoy below




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CDQ Stabbed By Burna Boy’s Crew Over Obafemi Martins Issue



CDQ Stabbed By Burna Boy’s Crew Over Obafemi Martins Issue 18

Pulse obtains audio and video recordings where CDQ claims he was stabbed by Burna Boy’s squad over Obafemi Martins drama

CDQ Stabbed By Burna Boy’s Crew Over Obafemi Martins Issue 19

On Monday, March 1, 2021, Nigerian rapper, CDQ called out Grammy-nominated Nigerian superstar, Burna Boy.

He accused BET Award-winning Burna Boy of disrespecting veteran Nigerian footballer, Obafemi Martins. You can read details of that story here.

While football fans and music Twitter clashed on social media later on Monday, Burna Boy, CDQ and Obafemi Martins were all spotted hanging out together.

What really happened at Quilox

In the evening of Sunday, February 28, Burna Boy and his crew were at Quilox, an exotic club on Victoria Island, Lagos. Martins and his crew were also at the club that night. A fight then broke out between businessman, Rahman Jago – a known associate of Burna Boy – and another person.

The issue got so big that Martins’ camp was affected. Due to Jago’s affiliations with Burna Boy, they faced off with the former Super Eagles player and his camp.

Martins himself got physically involved and in the heat of the moment, the footballer had to defend himself and found a way to escape the drama and the danger of it.

A bemused CDQ, who was also at the club on the night, vented at Burna Boy on social media. He felt Burna Boy’s camp had disrespected Martins, a respected footballer and philanthropist.

A thoughtful and respectful Burna Boy then sought to mend bridges with Martins, so he reached out and that was achieved. This led to the pictures of Burna Boy, CDQ, SammyLarry and Martins that went viral on Monday evening.


On the night of March 1, CDQ was at the club when a confrontation ensued with Burna Boy’s camp, led by a guy named Richie. As the issue escalated, CDQ said he was stabbed by Burna Boy’s camp and left bloodied.

Upon hearing about CDQ’s maltreatment, his camp stormed the same club and a fresh fight ensued with Burna Boy’s camp – a few other people got injured.

CDQ in an audio obtained by Pulse Nigeria, explicitly confirmed Burna Boy’s involvement. Speaking in Yoruba, he says, “It was Burna and his squad, led by a guy named Richie who later got stabbed as well. I made sure that he bled. [My People] questioned Burna’s sanity to do this in Lagos; not Port Harcourt or London.”

In a video also obtained, a deep cut is seen above CDQ’s left ear, from where blood gushes profusely. CDQ’s white Inter Milan shirt has blood stains while a white towel is visibly seen, drenched in blood, presumably that of rapper.

In another audio obtained by Pulse Nigeria, CDQ is heard in Yoruba saying, “He [Burna Boy] is an oloribuku. When [his camp] got done, I called my people over to retaliate against [Burna’s] camp. [Burna] then took me to the hospital where I got two pints of blood last night.

“Later, [Burna] asked me to enter the club and have a few drinks, so that people could make a video to prove that everything was settled.”

You can listen to the audio and watch the video below;

Word from Burna Boy’s camp

Pulse Nigeria then reached out to Burna Boy’s camp and they denied the allegations. In fact, they claimed that CDQ was never at the club on the night of March 1.

They claim that Burna Boy was about to leave the club when he heard that some guys were about to attack Martins. A horrified Burna Boy then rushed back into the club to rescue Martins.

Burna according to them always held the footballer in high regard after he bought expensive tables at the singer’s shows in the past.

Burna Boy’s camp also deny that Burna Boy was at the club on Monday night.

This is not the first time Burna Boy has been accused of violence.

In November 2017, the singer was accused of sending two men to attack fellow Port Harcourt-bred artist, Mr. 2Kay at Eko Hotels and Suites. You can read details of that HERE.

In December 2020, Burna Boy and fellow Nigerian superstar also reportedly had a bust-up in Ghana.

Before the December 2020 event, the Grammy nominee appeared to have turned a corner and had looked to leave public controversies behind.

But 11 days before he scheduled to perform at the 63rd Grammy Awards, where his album, Twice As Tall is also competing for the Best World Music Album, Burna Boy is again trailed by controversy.

Source:- Pulse Ng

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