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4 Things We Can’t Take Away From Tiwa Savage, That Makes Her No.1 African Bad Girl (Queen)



4 Things We Can’t Take Away From Tiwa Savage, That Makes Her No.1 African Bad Girl (Queen) 3

Tiwa Savage is a strong force within Africa’s ever-growing music industry. Over the years, the beautiful songbird has captivated millions of fans with her music. 

There are certain special traits that we’ve noticed that can not be taken away from the singer and in this article, we would be listing out these features.

Tiwa Savage African Music

Her Voice (The Sultry & Pop vocals)

The author agrees that to be a successful artiste, being able to write good lyrics, or having the skill of giving explosive performances on stage is not enough. Having unique and sonorous vocals goes a long way too. The world has been hearing Tiwa Savage’s voice for over a decade now and it’s now like a drug that doesn’t wear off. The singer has lent her vocals to some great artistes like George Michael, Mary J. Blige, Chaka Khan and Whitney Houston, and even Beyonce.

However, the beautiful songstresses didn’t want to be confined to being a background vocalist and songwriter, she longed for the center stage and her voice has helped her become one of the forces to be reckoned with in the music industry, her voice melted the heart of music fans.

Earlier this year, Award-winning rapper, Diddy praised her lyrical prowess in one of their chats on Instagram Live. The two entertainers not only had a conversation but also a dance session that featured Diddy’s sons, Quincy, King Combs, and Justin Combs. They all grooved to her hit track  “Attention ” and they absolutely loved it.

Diddy went on by complimenting her on the power of her voice as an artiste and as a black person. In His words: “I just want to tell you that the way you use your voice and your artistry is incredible and shout-out to everybody in Nigeria – we love you and we praying for you.”

Tiwa might not have a booming voice like Omawunmi or Waje but she is certainly not average. She’s adept at bringing out a character with power and control and the listener has no other choice than to be hypnotized. Hearing her voice gives off goosebumps, the feeling you get inside can not be really explained. Tiwa Savage sounds like no one and no one sounds like her.


Tiwa Savage African Music

The African Bad Girl/ Mama Jam

Tiwa Savage Jamal

She didn’t just wake up one morning to crown herself the baddest female in the game, she earned it. The singer has remained undefeated despite the trolling, dragging, you name it. She has developed thick skin throughout the years carrying the weight of the music industry on her back. From sold-out shows, delivering mega hits, Tiwa has done it all. A list of her achievements would be a daunting task to document because she isn’t slowing down.

The birth of a child brings about joy and happiness and most times, a woman is not called by her maiden name but the name of her first child so Tiwa giving her self the nick name “Mama Jam-Jam” came as no surprise after the birth of her son, Jamil Balogun. However, the name stuck on the lips of fans as Tiwa often used this as a vocal signature. Now, they even prefer calling her “Mama Jam-Jam” to “African Bad Girl”. These nicknames ain’t going nowhere.

Her “Bestie” – Wizkid

Tiwa Savage

Their relationship remains one of the unsolved mysteries in the entertainment industry. Even with the fact, that Tiwa Savage herself has stated they are just friends despite the 10-year difference, we cant seem to figure out if there’s something really going on between the two. “We are friends definitely. To be honest, I think I have been in this industry for a long time, I have grown a thick skin so comments like that, genuinely, honestly don’t bother me that much. I am kinda used to it. Today is humblesmith, tomorrow it’s Wiz, it’s just what it is, its part of the job,”

Talking about their relationship would give this article a million words but stating instances where the singers fueled dating rumors can’t be helped. Wizkid’s sold-out  O2 Arena show in London showcased another session of frolicking from the singers. During his electrifying performance, he stopped the show midway to bring her on stage to perform their hit collaboration song, ‘Malo“. The singer called her “Someone special” and added, “Stay sexy for daddy.”

We also can’t seem to forget their 2019 One Africa Fest performance . Fans were blessed with a raunchy public display of affection when Wizkid who in his usual way grabbed Tiwa Savage on the stage and placed his hands on her butt and pressing it in some bad boy manner. Tiwa was also the vixen for his smash hit “Fever” but thats a story for another day…

At her 2019  “Everything Savage” concert at the Eko Hotel in Lagos, she talked about her relationship with Wizkid in a carefree attitude ““My relationship with Wizkid doesn’t need to make sense to anyone. I might be older, but the older the berry, the sweeter the juice.”

But there’s one thing about the two- their chemistry is sizzling. Wizkid seems to be the only artiste that has full access to her and no one seems to have the power to take him from her. Well, Teni tried but it ended in tears.

Tiwa Savage African Music

She A Fashion Killa

Tiwa Savage African Music

You don’t need to be a Savage solider to know that Tiwa Savage spares no expense when it comes to copping designer outfits. With many haters coming for her, she remains undefeated when it comes to style. We don’t know how she does that but she always manages to give off different looks every time and this has placed her as one of the stylish women in music.

No doubt, her stunning figure and youthful has helped, Tiwa has shown that her style is consistent and is always striving to top the previous look. Be it changing her hairstyle or trying out new designer shits or even crazy jeans, Tiwa is always on point. She makes the ugliest dresses look beautiful.

Tiwa Savage African Music

She seems to have an array of stylists in different countries and for different clothing categories. One for stage costumes, one for trainers, one for street-wear, one for press looks. We can’t count them, but we are certain that she travels with more than 10 luggages. Killing looks is Tiwa’s thing, it cant be taken away from her.

4 Things We Can’t Take Away From Tiwa Savage, That Makes Her No.1 African Bad Girl (Queen) 4

Did we leave anything out? Do leave your thoughts in the comment section below 

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Join us as we celebrate this great man.

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Wizkid Can’t Be Addressed As a ‘Grammy Award Winning Artiste’ Yet!… Here’s Why



Wizkid Can’t Be Addressed As a ‘Grammy Award Winning Artiste’ Yet!… Here’s Why 25

“If you want make he ginger, give am grammy award”… lol

It’s amazing how Wizkid ‘s sound metamorphose from the conventional Afrobeats to his sultrier, silky sound we can’t seem to get enough of. Wizkid is one Nigerian Artist that has effortlessly established himself globally and locally. I mean, how many Nigerian Afrobeats artists have received a quarter of the massive international recognition our very own Starboy is enjoying.

Wizkid as an artist can’t be boxed in one genre of music, this guy flows fluidly from Afrobeats to Reggae, hip-hop, dance hall, and even rap. We have seen Newbies in the music industry stylishly try to tap into Wizkid’s unique sound and style, we can’t say they have succeeded as Wizkid’s sound is still distinct. Let’s roll to the Grammy Awards….

Nigerians home and abroad were anticipating Burna Boy and Wizkid’s Grammy awards after they were nominated in different categories. When the news of Burna’s victory was announced, Twitter street was literally on fire. But before Burna’s news hit the Internet, Starboy has already started shinning on social media. News and tweets were flying from different angles that Starboy won a Grammy award for his feature on Beyonce’s Brown Skin Girl Music video.

Hate to burst your bubble, but Wizkid didn’t win a Grammy Award and as such he can’t be addressed as a ‘Grammy Award Winning Artiste‘ yet. Therefore Keypad warriors/Reporters should refute claims that he is the first artiste out of Nigeria to win a Grammy Award. Calm down, Calm down. He only received Grammy recognition for his feature on Beyonce’s Brown skin girl which won the award for Best Music Video of the year. According to Grammy Rules, the golden gramophone belongs to the main Artist and the creatives of the video. Let’s break this down. If Beyonce’s The Lion King Album had won the ALBUM OF THE YEAR, Wizkid would have gotten his own golden gramophone, not a grammy certificate as he received. Grammy rules also state “Featured artists are GRAMMY-eligible in Album Of The Year if they perform on more than 33% of the playing time of an album; they are eligible in the genre album categories if they perform on more than 51% of playing time; and are eligible in performance categories if they are credited as a featured artist on the track”.

Surprisingly, this is Wizkid’s second attempt at winning his own Golden Gramophone. In 2017, Drake’s the Views Album got nominated for the Album of the Year and the Best Rap Album at the 58th Grammy Awards. Wizkid alongside Kyla featured on Drake’s hit song One Dance, Wizkid co-wrote and co-produced the song. So imagine if the album had actually won at the 58th Grammy Awards in 2017, Wizkid would have been a Grammy Award winner long before Burna Boy.

Wizkid isn’t the only Nigerian artiste who was close to winning a Grammy Award. In 1984-1999 King Sunny Ade was nominated for a Grammy award. From 2003-2014, Femi Kuti also received nominations for some of his albums like Fight To Win, Africa for Africa, Day by Day. In 2018, Seun Kuti was nominated for the Black Times album. In 2021, Tiwa Savage, Femi Kuti, and Made Kuti were close to winning Grammy recognition for their Contribution to COLDPLAY’S Album, but it was misinformation on the part of the Recording Academy as Taylor Swift’s FOLKLORE ALBUM won the Album of the year.

He might not have won a Grammy Award, but he has bagged numerous awards over the years. He won a Soul Train award for his feature on Beyonce’s Brown skin girl, alongside Blue ivy and Saint JHN. He won three Billboard Music Awards for his Collaboration in Drake’s “One Dance”. Wizkid is the first Nigerian (if not African) to bag an international award from The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) for his role in writing “One Dance”. Wizkid is the first Afro-pop artiste to appear in the Guinness Book of World Records. This is related to his songwriting credits for the ‘One Dance’ which has the Guinness World Record as the most played song on Spotify with over 1 billion streams. He is also the first African to sell out London’s most iconic venue, Royal Albert Hall in less than 72 hours. Wizkid won the 2020 Music of Black Origin Awards (MOBO) for the Best African Act. That was Wizkid’s fourth MOBO win. He has won the MOBO “Best African Act” and “Best International Act” Award at different times.

All these are “some” of his international awards, if we dig up his local/Nigerian wins, you will literally customize a Grammy award for Wizkid. If there’s one artiste we are certain can lure the Judges at the Recording Academy with his talents for a grammy award, we are positive it will be Wizkid. Not dwelling on his unique sultry voice, Wizkid has proven to music fans that he is eligible to be a receiver at the next Grammy awards.  He effortlessly basks in Fela’s and Sunday Ade sound quite similar to the sound Burna Boy Tapped into for his Grammy Award-winning album “Twice as Tall”. His soft and soothing Album “Made In Lagos” might not win in the Best Global Music album category, that is okay. We won’t mind so long as the Grammy gives it the Album of the year award. Lol

To cut the long story short, Wizkid can’t be addressed as a Grammy Award Winning artiste for now because he doesn’t have a customized Grammy Plaque like Burna Boy. Based on Grammys, we still need to push our Starboy farther and hope his new impressive project, ‘Made In Lagos’ or other forthcoming projects brings home an actual Grammy Plaque.

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“Maybe I Should Drop A Bad Song And Get Praised For It”- Singer Simi



“Maybe I Should Drop A Bad Song And Get Praised For It”- Singer Simi 26

Nigerian Afrobeats singer, Simi is still contemplating on what her next track should sound like.

The Duduke singer dropped hints via her Instagram story that she is ready to release a bad song and get praised for dropping an average track.

“Maybe I should drop a bad song (Wait, hear me out)…. I drop the standard a little and start getting praise for dropping average songs afterwards?? Genius or Loco??” She asked.

“Maybe I Should Drop A Bad Song And Get Praised For It”- Singer Simi 27

Simi further talked about the exhausting hormonal cycle women pass through. She was kind enough to threw more light on how women deal with their emotions (Love, anger, pain, joy) and how their mental health plays funny tricks on them once in a while.

“Maybe I Should Drop A Bad Song And Get Praised For It”- Singer Simi 28

Simi is a known hit maker in the music industry. From Love don’t careSmile for me, joromi, Jamb question, Simi has effortlessly  caputured the hearts milions. Recently she received massive  recognition locally and globally for her 2020 hit song, Duduke. She also won the Headies Songwriter of the Year award for the song which she wrote for her daughter with Adekunle Gold.

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