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Lagos Test Runs Post-pandemic Showbiz With Drive-in Concert



Lagos Test Runs Post-pandemic Showbiz With Drive-in Concert 3

Lagos State Government, at the weekend, did a test run of a drive-in concert in preparation for the re-opening of the entertainment sector, as it commences gradual easing of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in the state.

Lagos Test Runs Post-pandemic Showbiz With Drive-in Concert 4

The innovative concert was organised by Lapazio Lifestyles and Entertainment Group at the Bay Lounge, Admiralty Way, Lekki, Lagos.

Speaking at the event, Environmental Protection Agency, LASEPA, General Manager, Dr. Dolapo Fasawe, explained that the exercise was to safely reinvigorate Lagos’s entertainment landscape after a long break, occasioned by COVID-19 lockdown.

According to Fasawe, “society benefits from entertainment. It adds structure to our social lives. Our goal is to ensure that the entertainment world can operate in a safe and healthy environment to create lasting positive memories, as we adjust to the post-COVID-19 lifestyle.

“The drive-in concert event is globally accepted as a new model for hosting safe entertainment events.

“Lagos, being a prime destination of entertainment and leisure events in Africa, should not be left behind in this new trend that ensures that fans connect with their favourite musicians or idols without breaking COVID-19 safety and environmental regulations.”

The General Manager noted that though the event was successful, there was still room for improvement, as the agency would appraise the event in order to come up with a more robust plan to further extend the scheme to other relevant sectors.

“Our goal is to support the entertainment sector, in tandem with outlined social distancing and environmental protocols and which attracts serious sanction if violated or defaulted flagrantly to serve as deterrent for others.”

Dr. Fasawe described the Lagos drive-in concert event as a test run for the new normal, expressing that its success would be a win for all and a guide for future events in the state.

While stressing that the state places high premium on the lives of the citizens, there was the need to adopt new approaches that safeguard the lives of her citizens.

The event had about 50 vehicles in attendance parked in line with physical distancing guidelines recommended by LASEPA.

Attendees were safely seated in their vehicles while some were dancing to the tunes of popular musician, Mayokun, through their car radio, all within the marked spaces.

The event was supervised by the agency’s Lekki Zonal office, led by Mrs Yetunde Atoyebi, in line with monitoring guidelines.

Source:- Vanguardngr

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Hennessy Artistry 2021 Cyphers – Meet the Artists



Hennessy Artistry 2021 Cyphers – Meet the Artists 17


Nicholas Ihua-Maduenyi, popularly known as PsychoYP is a Nigerian Trap/Hip-Hop artiste who has garnered a large underground hip-hop fan base of new age music lovers in Nigeria. Born and raised in Abuja, his rap career started in 2016 with the release of his “Lost in The Sauce” EP. The multi-faceted artist has a diverse sound that cuts across trap, rap, grime, R&B and hip-hop. As one of Nigeria’s fastest-rising rappers, he featured on over 34 released songs in 2020, making him the most featured artist in Nigeria of 2020.

His sophomore mixtape “YPSZN2”, which he released in 2019 was nominated for “Best Rap Album” at the 14th Headies Awards. His music catalog has achieved over 15 million streams across all digital platforms independently and his biggest singles include “OGA (remix)” featuring YCEE, Dremo & Blaqbonez, and “National Anthem”. Aptly crowned the Fresh Prince of Nigerian Rap, PsychoYP is charting his way to the top in the new wave of urban music, breaking barriers in Nigeria and beyond.

We can’t wait to hear him on the Hennessy Artistry Cypher 2021!

Hennessy Artistry 2021 Cyphers – Meet the Artists 18

Instagram: @Psychoyp


Alpha Ojini:

Ebuka Alex Ojini-Ntamere who goes by the stage name Alpha Ojini, is a Nigerian musical artiste who wears the many hats of a rapper, producer. and sound engineer. He released his first studio project “No Silence”, a self-produced 10-track project in 2010.

This was followed in 2011 by another 10-track project “The Road to R.U.S.H”, consisting only of covers of popular songs; he recorded this entire project in a 4-hour session, which is mind-blowing. In 2014. Alpha released his third body of work, a 6-track self-produced EP titled “My Own Horns: The JazzRap Project”.In 2019, he released his highly anticipated rap album, “Chvmeleon”, which has gone on to have over 2 million streams on major music platforms across the world.

He has worked with major acts such as MI, Blaqbonez, Hotyce, Oxlade, Ycee, and PsychoYP. His mentor in the industry is MI and he has close affiliations with rapper, Hotyce and singer, Oxlade. Alpha promises to be cold on this year’s Hennessy Artistry Cypher!

Hennessy Artistry 2021 Cyphers – Meet the Artists 19

Instagram: @Alpha_ojini


Legendary Styles:

Onwusonye Samuel Ikokwu, also known as Legendary Styles, is a rapper & singer, born and raised in Imo state. He started music at a very tender age when he used various instruments which he heard on his SEGA game console to sing and rap.

He had recorded several songs but didn’t release any till 2021, when he decided to make music a priority. His first released track gained huge success, and with that he was determined to take over the music scene introducing a new genre of music “Afro-Drill”.

He demonstrates these talents and diversity in his lead single “Loose Guard (I see, I saw)”, complemented by his catchy dance to go with the song. Legendary Styles stays true to his style in every song by rapping in both English and Igbo.

We certainly can’t wait to see how he brings Afro Drill to the Hennessy Artistry Cypher 2021!

Hennessy Artistry 2021 Cyphers – Meet the Artists 20

Instagram: @Legendary_styles_



Ogunlana Oluwasegun Obaro, popularly known by stage name Barrylane, began his rap career at age 12. He grew up listening to Notorious BIG, DMX, and Snoop Dogg, who inspired his love for rap music, and he decided to explore this vibrant art form.

He took part in street rap battles with his friends, where he subsequently grew his rap skills. Barrylane burst onto the scene after winning the 2018 Hennessy Artistry VS Class, and attributes most of his success to that. Now, he gets his inspiration from listening to Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and Kanye West, and their different styles have helped him in discovering his.

We already know that Barrylane brings the fire, and we can’t wait to see him on the 2021 Hennessy Artistry Cypher!

Hennessy Artistry 2021 Cyphers – Meet the Artists 21

Instagram: @Therealbarrylane

The Cyphers will run over a 3-week period and will air on YouTube @HennessyNigeria every Tuesday from September 21st. You can also catch the Hennessy Cyphers on Trace Naija, DSTV chann

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Yentown Cyphers Mini EP Featuring Mr Legend, DMO, Mike Stunner, ATNY, A9, Jimmy The Rap Kid, Bravoprinz, King Jamadi, Telly, D_Barz, Blaq Messenger, Gee Real



Yentown Cyphers Mini EP Featuring Mr Legend, DMO, Mike Stunner, ATNY, A9, Jimmy The Rap Kid, Bravoprinz, King Jamadi, Telly, D_Barz, Blaq Messenger, Gee Real 22

2021 Unveils a a year of Hip hop, from the hungriest of rappers going on to drop classics and hit singles so far. No doubt this year is promising for our rappers with BMAA fast approaching and most having their eyes on certain categories.
Not withstanding the need for collaboration can not be overemphasized as it seems every rapper is doing their thing. This cypher gives room for young rappers to work together and also build relationships between themselves in the future. The future of rap in the state can be secured through peace, love and consistency. This and many more is the bother line for this cypher.

The theme song “The Code” was released 2 days ago and had KvngKiLa and Mr. Legend on it, hopefully the fans listened and caught a glimpse of what we are trying to do. The Code is #775 which stands for the Motto of not just rap but entertainment in Yenagoa.
Love, Loyalty and Respect. 🔥🎯

Here’s the Tracklist of This Mini EP Cypher Pack.

Cypher 1 -“Love” Feat. Mike Stunner, ATNY, A9, DMO – DOWNLOAD

Cypher 2 -“Loyalty” Feat. Mr. Legend, Jimmy The Rap Kid, Telly – DOWNLOAD

Cypher 3 -“Respect” Feat. Gee Real, Blaq Messenger, King Jamadi, D_Barz, Bravoprinz – DOWNLOAD 


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Mastering This Art Called Forex



Mastering This Art Called Forex 23

“Master Forex”. I’m almost certain I have never heard these two words put together before. I mean, is this even a thing? One can attain mastery in a thing like…like forex trading? Hold that thought while I tell you a quick story.

Picasso is casually sitting in a park. A woman, recognizing him, walks up to him and begs for a portrait of herself. Picasso is in a good mood so he agrees to. In a few really short minutes, he hands her the portrait.

Completely awed and excited, she asks how much she owes him.

“$5,000, ma’am”, replied Picasso. In wide-eyed shock, the woman asks Picasso how on earth a drawing could cost so much even though it took only a few minutes.

Picasso smiled and responded, “No ma’am, it took me my whole life”.

This story is particularly interesting because it efficiently explains what mastery looks like when it is attained. The way masterpieces are created with relative ease is fascinating. Picasso comes up when you think of the greatest artists of all time and his phrase “it took me my whole life” subtly highlights that there are no hacks or shortcuts to mastery.

So, can everyone get to that level? What’s the process like, from novice to master? What’s the cost of attaining mastery? Does it take the entirety of one’s life? Can one attain mastery in all things, even forex trading?

The whole concept of mastery may seem a little vague and intimidating, but at its core, mastery is a simple process accessible and attainable to all. For anyone to be a master at anything, they need a desire to learn and the ability to focus in deliberate practice.

Case in point, forex trading. In the beginning, the market looks rather intimidating – we don’t understand all the coloured lines we see or why they keep forming. It is important that we don’t give in to feelings of confusion, fear, boredom or impatience, that may arise at this point, or we may halt the mastery process. What to do instead is overcome our hunger for magical shortcuts, decide on our goals and stay the course.

My advice – in actionable steps – for anyone looking to master forex is to commit to continuous learningstay focused as you practice, and get yourself a good broker.

OctaFX is an international broker providing traders of all skill levels with an opportunity to earn more. They provide wonderful initiatives that make your journey to forex mastery a much smoother one. They don’t give you a shortcut, they streamline the process and save you avoidable headache. Check out your new broker here.

So, while you might not yet be the Picasso of forex trading, decide on that goal and stay the course. Decide now, not to quit when things get difficult or confusing. Keep showing up. Keep learning. Keep practicing. Be humble when you fail. Be persistent in getting up again.

Gradually, you would find that you have built your creative intuition and you know the market through and through. You would make trading decisions with a rhythm that comes from within – true, unmatched intuition – like a true artist. A true artist of forex trading.

We can all be masters

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